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Benefits Of Buying Hermes Bolide Picnic Bag Expensive Replica


Are you heading for a fun afternoon picnic with your girlfriends this summer? Whether it be at the beach, park, or at your backyard, we’re pretty sure that this limited edition Hermes Bolide Picnic Bag is right for the occasion.

The Hermes Bolide Bag has a long and rich history; the first-version was actually released in 1923. The latest version of the Bolide Bag today is available in leather and it’s designed for everyday carry. The newest Hermes Bolide Picnic Bag on the other hand, looks quite the same, but there are minor differences.

The top of the Used Hermes Bolide Replica Bolide Picnic Bag is made from leather while its bottom is made from intricately woven lightweight wicker to create a sturdy, structured shape. It also has a front leather strap with button to close for an added sense of security. And when you take a look from the side, it features a braided design to complement the leather and wicker combo. For easy hand carrying, this bag features double handles.

For the final touch, flower-knots have been put on the end of the handles. As a summer must-have, this bag is perfect to bring anywhere you go as it can hold most of your summer essentials such as your sunglasses, tanning lotion, and sunblock.

For the 21th century and also for the sake of fashion ahead, Hermes updated the Bolide Bag with this contemporary Bolide 1923 Bag for its Cruise 2018 Collection.Hermes altered some part and retained some part of the original Bolide Bag. If you compare with the Bolide 1923 with the first version, you will notice that the new variant is considerably more compact. The middle leather patch has been taken away in addition to the stitched line which separated the top and the lower area. The handles look the same, but it is a bit tougher and seems to be larger because the size 30 is bigger. And though the first Bolide includes a wonderful feminine curvy/round contour, the newer version is crafted using a large and round peach-like shape.Both totes come with a chic luggage tag and bottom studs. And both bags are created out of a removable leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry.The Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag is unquestionably crafted to appear more futuristic, minimalistic but also timeless. All the complex lines or unnecessary layouts are eliminated. Also, this bag is made to make the most of storage because the size is made more round and bigger.More over, this purse is crafted from Taurillon Novillo, however there might be more leather choices. The interior of the Bolide 1923 bag has not changed considerably. Obviously the inside is larger, because the bag can also be made bigger. When you open the bag, you will come across the main compartment, which is very large. And since this bag is secured with a zipper, nobody can enter the tote with no notice when carrying.

The bag is purposely made in taller-size as Hermes understands how much essential you need to bring during the Spring and Summer times. And because the summer is hot, the bottom part let’s air breathe inside the bag, to keep the essentials fresh.

We do not have the prices and the sizes, but we do know that this is a limited edition. Check with the SA for more details.




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