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Where To Buy Your First Look at New Versions of the Hermès Birkin and Kelly, Straight From the Resort 2018 Runway Grade 1 Replica Handbag

In addition to Hermès classics, a new bag you need to see debuted during the show

Hermès doesn’t reinvent itself; Hermès is Hermès. And why would it need to be anything else? The French ultra-luxury powerhouse sells as many bags as it can manufacture under its own strict guidelines for artisan skill and training, and although fashion does require constantly predicting and adapting the future as best you can before it arrives, there’s little reason to believe Hermès needs to do much more than what it’s already doing, at least for now. And the brand seems to agree, based on the gently artistic modernity that permeated the Hermès Resort 2018 show in Paris.

The bags, shoes and accessories in the show struck me as things a wealthy woman might wear to an art auction, which is probably bang-on for the type of woman who makes up a significant portion of the market for the brand’s wares. That look was especially clear in the show’s Birkins and Kellys, which were banded in multicolor stripes or blocked with contrasting squares, respectively. On the Birkins, the borders gave the bags and almost one-dimensional perspective trick at some angles, like the models were paper dolls carrying paper bags.

The runway show also included at least one notable new bag: an accordion-gusset flap bag, affixed with a rounded-H closure that’s new for the brand. Check out those bags and more below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

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The design is very iconic; any fashionista can place a Birkin from a distance off. The boxy shape, dual handles , and leather pull closures are exactly what makes this tote. Of course the hardware stands out too. The truth is the Birkin is one of the three most iconic handbags EVER and I am a true lover of this tote. The aesthetic is what attracted me. Let’s just be fair. The functionality of this bag isn’t great. If you close the bag up properly it would take you a few momemnts to get in and out of it every time you need something that’s inside. When you don’t close the bag correctly, you depart the bag’s contents readily accessible to anyone and everyone. This has just the Birkin standard. It’s meant to take a lot of items, but it isn’t designed for ultimate usability.The outside does not contain any additional storage, actually all it has is that the double leather pull handles that scrunch the bag and then close it through the clasp. This is quite iconic to the manufacturer and also the bag, but it’s hardly used by anyone.The inside has a small pouch pocket, but the pocket is indeed slender not much fits inside. There is no other design aspect to this bag that assists in usability and functionality. In reality, it makes it look so simple when you really look at it. Other than that, the 35 cm version is very good for everyday use because of its size and capability to carry heaps.

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