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We Buy Hermes Bolide Mini Bags Essentials Replica Handbags


The Hermes Bolide Mini Bag is a timeless piece that’s bound to give you an edge when you wear it. Like the brand that started it all, the bag goes a long way – in 1922, the piece was created for the wife of Hermes’s owner Emilie-Maurice Hermès who, at that time, wanted a bag to carry as she rode in a car. The bag was initially named “Bugatti”, as one of the first few pieces ever to incorporate a zipper as its closure.

Now, the prized bag has zapped itself into a mini version – a modern take on a classic favorite. The bag, which has a cotton canvas with waterproof lining and an inside pocket, can serve as a travel case or a neat inner compartment for your valuables. It’s a great way to organize in style! Trust Hermes Bolide 27 Gold Replica to give you only the best bag experience you can ever ask for.

Measuring 8.3” x 5.7” inches, you can get your very own Bolide Mini Bag for $385 USD via Hermes Bolide Togo Replica e-store.




“The iconic Birkin was created because Jane Birkin was in a plane whining about how she wanted a purse with pockets which would also fit underneath her chair, while the sac-mallette, or Bolide Macpherson, came with a lockable case for maintaining jewelry secure and concealed while traveling.” Back in 1982, the Bolide premiered in handbag dimensions, equipped with a detachable leather shoulder strap plus a padlock with its clochette. The newest Bolide Secret (shown here previously) takes inspiration from the first 1923 design, and its innovative zippered compartment remains perfect for stashing passports or jewelry while on the road today.True into the nature of Hermes – which started with equestrian harnesses – it has developed and evolved as a leader in the luxury market remaining loyal to its aesthetic of function and beauty.Many understand the famous Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly tales. Fewer the narrative of the tasteful and understated Bolide bag.It is a story that started with ‘bolides’, fast cars, a visit to America, the genuis use of the zipper. First created for travel and in 1982 adapted to a handbag. The Bolide is comfortable to carry by hand or over the shoulder. The runway shark Bolide is superbly crafted with leather and top stitch and is an iconic interpretation of motion and speed.