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Can I Buy Hermes Kelly Pochette Ombre Lizard Guide Trusted Dealers

hermes kelly mini pochette lizard

The Hermes Kelly Pochette is the perfect clutch from the Hermes family, offering a small structured bag that can be hand held and offers a sleek sophisticated punch. Available in various leathers, this pochette is also available in suede, lizard, and crocodile. Victoria Beckham has sported both suede and lizard, which are both stunning, but the lizard has a very special touch. One of our members of tPF, Sus, is the new lucky owner of the Hermes Kelly Pochette in Ombre Lizard. Only two of this specific bag were circulating the world at the time, and Sus scored big with this stunning Kelly Pochette! The price is $5,350 at Hermes. Inquire at your nearest Hermes boutique.

Commonly spotted hanging off the arms of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, the Hermes Birkin and VB’s other favorite, the single-handled Hermes Kelly, are the ultimate in designer arm-candy. Costing an eye-watering #6,000-plus each, these totes are so covetable, they’re said to be much better investment than stocks and stocks – for unlike a new car or item of jewelry they appreciate in value the moment you purchase them. Just 1 problem: you must find one in the first place.Auction house expert Max Brownawell explains: ‘Your average woman can not just walk to Hermes and buy one. You’d have to have a longstanding relationship with one of the sales associates. ‘This exclusivity as well as the subsequent mystique that surrounds the Birkin and Kelly has been shown to be a phenomenally successful marketing trick.Where other designer brands have become tacky and ubiquitous, Hermes alone, it seems, has been able to control access to its handbags to the point where they are badges of wealth even for the super-rich. Legend has it that the Birkin was born if the eponymous Jane Birkin, celebrity love of Je t’aime singer Serge Gainsbourg, was seated alongside Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas to a flight. She carried a tatty, over-filled straw bag and said she could never find a decent handbag. Dumas invited her to his workshop and the model was conceived. The rest is now history.

hermes kelly mini pochette lizard  hermes kelly mini pochette lizard