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Discount Christie Brinkley Hermes Kelly Bag Buying Guide Replica Bags

Christie Brinkley Hermes Kelly Alligator Replica Kelly Bag

In my search to discover all kinds of information about this Birkin, I talked to some purse blogger, a socialite and a fashion insider about the fantasy, and will I dare mention it, the decrease of this Birkin. I also visited Milan Station at Central, Hong Kong, a second hand luxury bag store that now almost exclusively deals in brand new Birkins and Kellys. (See their shop windows in the accompanying photos).Picking out a hibiscus coloured Birkin, I had been advised that it was completely new, directly from the box, and never been used. I inquired where their Birkins come out of and also a sales associate reacted, “Our clients buy Birkins at Hermes stores and sell them to us. We have more inventory of Birkin bags compared to the Hermes shop,” she explained. They market the Birkins to get 50-100% over the retail price at the Hermes shop and they wouldn’t bargain down because they said there will be people who will buy them in asking price. Milan Station and others like it, eliminate the waiting lists to get an added price, making Birkins available for those who have the money to spare. And lots of people in Hong Kong do.Masako Kumakura, a global communications pro who recently transferred to China, considers that the Birkin has come to be a bit démodé especially among the stylish set. “Too many men and women who are not all that trendy have it. And they carry it anywhere. In Asia, I have observed girls carry their big Birkins to dinner celebrations. So not smart,” she explained. “Since nearly everybody has a Birkin bag, more and more ladies are opting for bags made from exotic skins now, not necessarily Birkins,” shared socialite and Singapore PR maven Olga Iserlis.

Although the goal was to go to court to figure out custody issues, Christie Brinkley also fulfilled the goal of going to court looking fabulous. Seeing that I am a handbag stalker of sorts, I only gawked at her beautiful Hermes Kelly Bag. A black Kelly says, “I’m sophisticated, smart, and put together. Don’t mess with me, or my kids!” Brinkley and Peter Cook reached a temporary custody agreement. Good for them, but really, that bag, DROOL.

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