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French Import Hermes Bolide Secret Bag Online Safe Replica Bags


The Hermes Bolide Secret Bag is an extremely iconic piece that will surely please bag aficionados and starting bag collectors alike. This new take on the design is something that catches the eye, and we’re about to elaborate more about this development.

The Bolide has a long history – it was first created in the year 1922 when the wife of Hermes’s owner, Emilie-Maurice Hermès, wanted a new bag to carry in while she went out for a ride in a car (which was also a new invention at that time). The Bolide was called a ‘Bugatti’ at that time, and was the first bag to ever incorporate some zips.

Lightweight and easy to carry, this piece is really something new! Never has Hermes Bolide 25 Replica shown the Bolide with a double bottom, that’s why it’s really a joy to have. It’s a swift calfskin with gold-plated hardware and zip fastening, with two flat inside pockets for organization. What else would you ever need? Surely, this baby will never go out of style.

Measuring 24cm x 27cm x 10cm (L x H x D), you can get your very own Bolide Double Bottom Bag for €6,400 EUR or £5,850 GBP via Hermes e-store.







And handheld, below. Both straps of this Bolide make the bag quite easy to transport (honestly simpler than the Kelly) and also the straps tend to be thinner and thinner than the Birkin’s. I find that the Bolide quite simple to hand handle (and I am a shoulder strap fan)! And one more of me, wearing the Bolide with a more formal outfit (it is quite versatile for both formal and casual!) . Finally, here are some of the images that motivated me to take the Bolide plunge. Also — I only realized on my trip the Bolide is everywhere in Tokyo! Popular for a daily tote that still looks professional. The Bolide is also the Hermes bag I usually see the most on locals in Paris.Since I included an Hermes Bolide bag to my closet a few years back, I have become convinced that it’s one of the best and truly classic bags that the manufacturer has ever produced. It’s incredibly versatile, lovely (though I provide the top marks into the Kelly for beauty), and simple to use. My very own bag was a bit black variation (see the review) with silver hardware at the 31cm size — and that I loved it!Last year however, my mom mentioned that she enjoyed my Bolide, also chose to “take it on” for awhile. Do not we love our moms? Mine is notoriously tough to look for, so that I was thrilled to finally have an item that she actually wanted. After a while, however, I missed the bag, and thought I would add yet another. I wanted black, but was really reluctant to find the specific same bag again…as sometimes my mom and I “discuss”. When I had an opportunity to add a black Bolide, however, at a bigger size, I was very happy to do so!