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Good Quality Lindsay Lohan Poses with Fans and an Hermes Kelly Grade 1 Replica Handbag

Lindsay Lohan took a minute to pose for paps and fans outside her Soho apartment last week. On her arm is a eye-catching, bright orange Hermes Soft Kelly. Lindsay’s new reality show on Oprah’s OWN network just premiered this past Sunday, and it’s put Lindsay back in the public eye again after a lengthy (Oprah-enforced) absence. While her lifestyle habits have hopefully changed for the better, some things always stay the same: her taste in handbags remains as high-end as ever. Kudos, Lindsay!

An extremely buzzworthy trailer for the Oprah/Lindsay docu-series hit the Internet last week, and it showed Oprah dishing out some tough love to Lindsay, as well as Lindsay making dramatic declarations like “I feel like I’m in prison!” (Which seems particularly telling, because lest we forget, Lindsay’s actually been to prison.) I’m sure some of our readers couldn’t resist the urge to check out the premiere, and if you did, I encourage you to give us your reviews in the comments!

Kelly: The ‘Kelly’ is called after actress Grace Kelly.When I contacted Hermes to find out why I could not buy one, they said: ‘Every Hermes shop director worldwide is responsible for purchasing for their own store. They place seasonal orders twice annually, which are usually received six to 12 months later. ‘Surely, these bags are elusive – as I discover at the Sloane Street store, a sanctuary of luxurious soft furnishings, gleaming glass cabinets and polished surfaces.The customers are primarily Asian or Arab, the girls dripping with diamonds, guys dressed in cashmere weekend wear.After I have stated my intention to buy a Birkin, a male assistant wordlessly ushers me towards a leather-covered desk and asks me to sit down. ‘We don’t have any in the shop,’ he explains. ‘There will be none until next month. And I can’t tell you if the next delivery will soon arrive. For safety reasons, we don’t even know what will arrive in the delivery. ‘Maybe I could buy a Kelly bag? ‘The Kelly is much less accessible,’ he says sternly.But there’s a ray of hope.Would I love to see the leather samples? I pause once I reach an electrical blue leather.Could I possibly order a tote, then – in this? His eyebrow arches again. We do not take orders. It is impossible to order a color. We get orange or reddish from time to time, and the odd time an off-white gray. Everyone supposes that you could just purchase these bags – however it is not like that. It’s a waiting game’
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