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Guide To BuyingA Hermes Bolide Mini Mini Bag Italy Replica Bags


Great news, ladies! Today, we’re going to explore another Hermes Bolide Bag Sizes Replica piece, the Bolide Mini Mini Bag. Some weeks ago, we were able to feature a larger variation of this baby in full glory…and now, we’re going to do the same and impress you even more. Are you ready for this?

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Yep, now we’re going to talk about the nitty gritty details. Measuring 6.4’ x 4.75’ inches, the Bolide Mini MIni is indeed a teeny, cute piece that’s worth watching out for. You can use this zipped bag as a travel case for your essentials (carrying your stuff in designer is priceless!) or as an inside bag for cosmetics or your secret stash…whatever it may be. Think about the possibilities with the Bolide Mini Mini! It’s a smaller bag compared to the Bolide Mini, but mind you, it’s ready to keep up with your needs!

Priced at $320 USD, you can get your very own Bolide Mini Mini Bag via Hermes e-store.






During one of his trips that he met Henry Ford. Henry took Émile to approximately a dozen automobile factories and showed him the potential of automobiles. Émile returned with new ideas and using a 2-year patent on his invention, the horn. Back in 1923, the initial zippered carryall ever, the ‘Sac pour l’Auto’ was introduced and could easily fit in the back of a sports car. It had a special space to maintain jewellery and other precious items protected. This innovative design changed the course of Hermès completely. A growing number of auto engines were operating at the 20th century and the demand for the portable Hermès’ bags got larger. The Sac pour L’auto got a title change, and has been dubbed the Bolide. An interesting fact: it was the expression for a meteorite in the 16th century and became a synonym for a car. Hermès even started to design especially for the car brand Bugatti, designing extra-luxurious accessories that accompanied the vehicle, like leather wallets for travelmaps and driving gloves. Because of these events, everyone felt that the need to travel along with the elegant bag design was quickly adopted by many. The Bolide was utilized for journeys by car, by train as well as for trans-atlantic sea liners. Hermès became the go-to brand for travelling. Ofcourse this carryall wasn’t a handbag nonetheless. Back in 1982, the Bolide was introduced in handbag size, coming with a removable shoulder strap and a padlock. Mou is a soft leather, which provides the bag a casual appearance. Rigide is hard and makes it a sturdy handbag along with a suitable candidate for work. It comes in different dimensions: 27 cm, 31 cm, 35 cm and 45. The 31cm is the size that is great for everyday wear.