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High End Naya Rivera Proves the Hermes Kelly Bag Can be Carried Casually Buying Guide Replica Bags

Here’s actress Naya Rivera carrying an Hermes Kelly Bag during a recent coffee run in LA. We saw Naya pair this same Kelly with a drastically different outfit during New York Fashion Week back in February. The Kelly is generally considered a more ladylike bag, but the brand’s popularity among the young and rich has resulted in some less traditional styling, like you see here. (Hermes plus Nikes. Discuss.)

It has not been a great couple of months for Naya Rivera – first her engagement to rapper Big Sean went down in flames, and just yesterday it was announced that she won’t be re-joining the rest of the Glee cast for its sixth and final season, perhaps due in part to her behind-the-scenes feuding with co-star Lea Michelle. But as long as you have a good Hermes Kelly Sellier Replica bag (and a few lucrative endorsement deals on the side), life can’t be all that bad, eh?

Baghunter, a website devoted to luxury on line retail, did a study comparing gold, the S&P 500 (an American stock exchange index), and also the Hermès Birkin bag within the previous 35 years. The shocker? The pricy Hermès bag favored by celebrities, that comes with a years-long waiting list, increased in value with an average of 14.2 percent per year. That adds up to an increase of over 500 percent in that time period.Unlike that the stock exchange or stone, Birkin bags do not have a terrible year — in 35 decades, the value has never diminished. As the sales clerk hands over the red Birkin, he informs her the cost along with the 5 year waiting list to which she answers “for a sack?!!!” And his reply is: “It’s not a bag, it is a Birkin.” As that term indicates, a Birkin isn’t a bag, it is something in its own class. The Birkin is a statement manufacturer, which statement is really a loud “I’ve arrived!” , a standing symbol of wealth and unlimited disposable income. It is definitely the “Holy Grail” of luggage and coveted by bag aficionados.

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