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Introducing An Oversized Hermes Fourre-Tout Du Cavalier Replica Bag

Written by besthermes

Today,we are going to present the Hermes Fourre-Tout Du Cavalier Bag sale,which is an oversized bag that can handle one or two scratches without worry.

How many stuff do you have? A laptop for work? Or sport clothes for the gym? When we say oversized, we mean literally oversized. So, this bag can handle it.


Made with the Hermes Sellier Print, refined with saddle-covered seams, this bag measures 18’ x 14’ x 12’ (L x W x H). For as far as we know, there are two colors available,white and organge.

It features a removable basket and a detachable zipped pocket inside.It’s crafted from Chevron Canvas with Cowhide leather detailing (you can see the leather on the handles and the shoulder strap).


Carry the bag with the handles or clings a long strap for shoulder carry. The front is printed with the brand’s logo: ‘Hermes Sellier Paris’, can you say no to this?