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Introducing Hermes Evelyne III

One of the most lower price of bags you’ll ever find at luxury Hermes bags, the Evelyne III is also as straight-forward as it gets, a saddle-shaped sling that comes with a snap-button closure and an outside pocket for easy access.


On the other side, all you’ll find is a perforated H, which is also the side that’s supposed to be on your body when you are carrying this cheap hermes bag. Why? Because the holes are purely functional and meant to allow air circulation between the bag and your body when carried over long periods of time, be it in the full leather or twill canvas versions. In other words, carrying the H on the outside is just showing off.

Made available with an adjustable sling, it’s also lightweight, hardwearing and comes in a huge array of colours, which makes putting down good money for them so much easier. Available in three sizes:the PM measures 30 cm by 29 cm, the GM is 33 cm by 31 cm and the TGM which comes in at 42 cm by 40cm.