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The Cute Hermes Ghillies Kelly Long Wallet

Trust Designer Hermes brand to come up with something so adorable that only they can get away with. From the world of Hermes comes lovely, the French luxury house’s take on the cutest of animated characters to promote their latest additions which include bags and SLGs in new colour combinations.


Most naturally, the first thing to catch my eye is this: the cheap Hermes Ghillies Kelly Long Wallet which has to be prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long while, especially when presented in the softest of pinks that’s simply irresistible.However,it is not the easiest wallet to get into (and use), it is by far one of the most gorgeous yet.



And before I go on non-stop about how much I need such a wallet in my life, check out the cute animation for yourself. This bag is Just Kawaii!I think ladies will love this bag very much.