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Italian Import Victoria Beckham with her Hermes Kelly Genuine Leather Replica


Honestly, I am nothing but grateful that paparazzi do not follow me around and photograph me. Because I guarantee you that I look nothing like Victoria Beckham arriving at any airport, ever. I won’t lie, my attempt to travel in style across the ocean usually involves stretched-out-size-too-big-jeans, a nice sweater, and sneakers. And even if Victoria Beckham changes while on board into something more comfy, I still feel badly for her.

The design is extremely iconic; some fashionista can spot a Birkin in a mile away. The boxy shape, dual handles leather pull closures are exactly what makes this tote. Of course the hardware stands out too. The truth is the Birkin is among the three very iconic handbags EVER and I am a true lover of this tote. The aesthetic is exactly what drew me. Let’s just be honest. The functionality of this bag isn’t terrific. If you close the bag up properly it would take you a couple momemnts to get in and out of it every time you want something which’s inside. When you do not close the bag properly, you depart the bag’s contents easily accessible to anyone and everybody. This has only the Birkin norm. It is supposed to carry a lot of things, but it isn’t designed for supreme usability.The outside doesn’t feature any additional storage, in fact all it has is that the double leather pull handles which scrunch the bag and close it via the clasp. This is very iconic to the brand and the tote, but it is barely used by anyone.The inside has a small pouch pocket, but the pocket is so slender not much fits inside. There’s no other design aspect for this bag that assists in functionality and usability. In reality, it makes it seem so simple when you really look at it. Aside from that, the 35 cm version is very good for everyday use due to its size and ability to carry heaps.

Here Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving in London at Heathrow airport over the weekend sporting her beautiful Hermes Tricolor Kelly. Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of the Hermes Kelly style, as we have seen her carrying many of the versions, including: Hermes Kelly Longue, Hermes Kelly Pochette, Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette, Black Kelly, and a white Hermes Kelly with orange piping. And while many are not huge fans of VB, I really love her coat with this tricolor Kelly and her Louboutins.

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