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Presenting The Most Popular Hermes knockoff Bags

We know popular Hermes Birkins and Kellys get all the hype, and although we absolutely adore them, there are many other exquisite bags made by Hermes that are also worthy of admiration.

1. Evelyne bag
The very special and comfortable Evelyne bag was designed in 1978 and named after Evelyne Bertrand, the head of Hermes‘ equestrian department. The Hermes Evelyne bag was crafted to carry horse grooming equipment. Its iconic perforated ‘H’ design was meant to allow the grooming equipment to dry, and was supposed to be carried inwards, facing the body.


This stylish bag is a favorite of people on the go, who like to have their hands free. The Evelyne is produced in four sizes, the most popular being the PM, measuring 11.25″ x 12″ x 2 .5”.


2. Hermes Constance bag
Since its original design in 1969 by Catherine Chaillet and its time spent on the arm of fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the luxury Hermes Constance has maintained its status as the epitome of classic elegance. Taking approximately 14 hours to create, each pretty Hermes Constance bag Online is crafted by a single artisan. Its sleek lines, adjustable strap, and gold or silver “H” clasp, make the Constance the perfect day to night bag.