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Reviewing The Luxury Hermes Rose-Gold Collier de Chien

Written by besthermes

This is gorgeous trio of Collier de Chien bracelets from Hermes that are frankly a cut above the rest.


Besides being in the 3 colours I adore the most (there’s Barenia, there’s classic Black and then there’s English Green, because who doesn’t love a deep dark green, right?), they all come adorned with the most fitting of cherries on the top: rose-gold plated hardware, which I think is still the best thing Hermes ever introduced since the invention of ice-cream.

For those of you lucky enough to chance upon any of these beauties (I did happen to see the RGHW Collier de Chien in Barenia at Liat Hermes a couple of weeks back), I know, I’m not making any sense, since no one actually needs 3 bracelets all at once (but I do), considering how we only have two wrists anyway, right?