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Seasonless Black Bags For Your Collections

Unless you’re a lady of leisure (lucky!) or the kind of person who’s meticulous about changing her handbag to match her outfit every morning, you probably have a workhorse bag in your collection, and that bag is, in all likelihood, black.As much as we love seasonal colors and prints, it’s hard to deny the everlasting allure of the black handbag. And black bags are also great if you’re looking for variety, because you’ll rarely come across a style that doesn’t come in black or something very close to it.


That’s with good reason; black bags don’t show wear as quickly as lighter or brighter colors, and they tend to be perceived as discreet, which makes an ideal choice for the workplace.To demonstrate all the options out there, we went on a hunt and found two dozen very solid options that are both fairly new and haven’t already been featured heavily on this here website; we think your new go-to bag may just be below.