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Should I Buy Shopping with Jameson: Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet and Lindy Bags Buying Guide Replica Bags

Though the Lindy bag has two best handles to take by hand, there’s an option to transform it into a shoulder bag. And when you are in doubt if this bag is right for you or not, just touch it and zoom into your eyes on the particulars. It’s magnificent, pretty and incredibly light to transport. Open the bag to learn how roomy it really is. It has enough room to carry your notebook and your entire Harry potter book collection.The Hermes Lindy Authentic Replica Lindy bag is offered at 26, 30 and 34. And for somebody who’s 1.62 cm, then the 34 may be too large and bulky, in addition, it falls on your buttocks, the 30 should be an ideal size. It’s a bag that surely needs no introduction, and one in my opinion that easily ranks in the top 5 as far as bags from Hermès are concerned, which should additionally include the Birkin, the Constance, the Evelyne and needless to say, the Kelly. But unlike the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly which are all structural and poised, the Lindy (like the Evelyne) are all constructed to be more laid back and casual, even slouchy if you understand exactly what I mean.Almost squarish in size, it does look a tad awkward at first glance having very short handles, the stumpy body along with a sling you are assumed to loop through the grips to convert it into a shoulder bag. But that’s really just about it and she more than makes up for her shortcomings by being a bag that’s also easy to dress up or down, has ample space inside and the all-purpose zip that lets you get easy access. Also, the 2 exterior slot pockets that are good for bits and bobs like the mobile telephone or house key are also a bonus.Available in 3 dimensions, Lindy26, Lindy30 along with the Lindy34 (the amounts are an approximate reference into the length of the bag), the Lindy26 is definitely the most popular size in Asia as it suits miniature frames best.


It’s been a while since we’ve published a ‘Shopping with’ article. Usually we also provide some additional information about limited edition handbags.

But anyways, our friend Jameson has bought four unique Hermes handbags – the Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet, Hermes Kelly Pochette, the Lindy Bag and Evelyne Bag.

The Hermes Lindy 26 Etain Replica Kelly Flap Wallet is in Blue and Black. And as you can see, it’s quite a large wallet and features the iconic lock in the center. I love the vivid detailing like the stitches around the edges.

For those that are interested in Kelly Wallets, the SA told Jameson that these wallets are limited now. Last year only 12 pieces came into the store (Hermes @t Canada). The Kelly Flag Wallet is even more limited especially in bi-colors.


More over, Jameson has also bought two Hermes Lindy Ostrich Replica Lindy Bags in timeless colors black and brown. Here are the full details:

And for the prices:
Hermes Flag Kelly Wallet: $4250 CAD (ex. tax)
Hermes Lindy Bag: $9100 CAD (ex. tax)
Hermes Evelyn Bag: $1930 CAD (ex. tax)