Replica Hermes Garden Party Bags

The Casual And Fancy Replica Hermes Garden Party36 Pockets

Written by besthermes

Here is the charming Hermes’ Garden Party36 Pockets.

Called Garden Party36 because it measures almost 36 cm from end to end, it also comes with a sling that’s adjustable as well. There are also pockets that go around the exterior of the bag, and if I’m not wrong, 3 on the front and 3 on the back, which makes it a great workhorse as well, one that that offers additional space for your bits and bobs.


Available in a variety of colours on regular canvas and even one that comes striped, I’ve only seen them offered online so far over on Hermes UK and US sites. And one that should fly off the shelves pretty quickly too, given how popular the Garden Party totes already are anyway. Adding a shoulder sling just makes them even more desirable.