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The Replica Bag Which Is Not A Birkin

For five years running now, my most asked about topic on this blog remains the Hermes Birkin replica bag (though as the years have gone on, the Kelly has shot up quite a bit). I think the Birkin is a great replica bag, and I’ll never be one of those people who is soooooo over them just because the replica bag is so popular and ubiquitous now, that have to make the point that they liked them before they were popular, unlike say, you, basically insinuating that you’re a nouveau peasant. The Birkin is fabulous. That being said, I do think that there should be a little more love paid to a few replica Hermes bags makes  which aren’t as popular. I’m an equal opportunity replica bag enjoyer! Here are some of my favorite Hermes replica bags which aren’t Birkins (or Kellys).

1. The Plume. The Plume is one of my favorite under the radar Hermes replica bags. You could carry this anywhere and barely anyone would know what it was. It’s a fabulous, classic replica bag with clean lines that will stand the test of time. A bonus is the light weight (it really is light as a feather, plume = feather), and the rolled handles, which feel so comfortable on the arm. The prices on these on the resale market are fantastic, too. You can get a gorgeous Plume – one which retails for $7K or above and which will garner you compliments from every staffer in the Hermes shop – for a little more than $1K or so.  If I weren’t neck deep in mommy world with no line of sight to handheld replica bags, I’d be adding one or two more to my wardrobe, pronto.

PS: One time I happened to meet a member of Hermes executive management, who told me that Plume was his favorite replica bag, in box calf. I wanted to seem very cool so I used up my one minute with him to tell him all about how I have a Plume, but I think I really should have used that time to beg for some kind of outrageous special order.

2. The Soie Cool. This replica bag isn’t very popular, but I really can’t understand why. It’s amazing! Full price is a little over $2K and you will smile every time you wear it. I do have to admit I’m the sort of person who is always drawn to the trendy, seasonal replica bags – which is why I try to stay away from the Chanel handbag section as much as possible – and then who ends up regretting it and wishing I had bought a classic. But I never feel that way with the Soie Cool. Plus I have fabulous memories associated with it of a particular trip to Paris. My original review is here.

3. The Bolide. I’m not sure if this counts as underrated but I haven’t seen it pop up much lately, and rumor is that the US has been receiving barely any of the 35 size, so why not give this one some love? I recently fell back in love with the Bolide, as I just wrote about last month. It’s the most practical of the three replica bags I listed and has something the other two don’t – a shoulder strap. Also can be had for quite good prices on the resale market (but not as good as the Plume). You can also see my review here.

By the way – in Japan, I see elegant ladies wearing Bolides way more often than both Birkins and Kellys! I was told they prefer the understated tone of the replica bag, and its practicality.

Any other replica bags you think are underrated out there (Hermes or not)? I’d love to hear!