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The Ultimate imitation Hermes Bag Styles Visual Guide To You

Finding information on Hermes bags Sale Online is not easy, and that’s by design; keeping its bags mostly shrouded in mystery helps the brand maintain the sense of exclusivity and scarcity that makes them the most coveted–and most expensive–accessories in the world. The Hermes website features only a tiny fraction of the brand’s full lineup available for purchase, and if you want more information than what it provides, you better get very familiar with our PurseForum or spend a lot of time trying to sift through conflicting information.


It’s in the brand’s best interest for customers to think that they need to form a relationship with a sales associate in order to get the whole story. We’ll also be compiling guides to Hermes colors, leathers, sizes and pricing, but first: a simple, visual guide to which names correspond to which bags, and how similar models differ from each other, with photos sourced from trusted auction houses. We tried to include all the bags that we knew of which are currently being manufactured or were in the somewhat recent past. Because of the brand’s cloak-and-dagger approach to luxury accessories, it’s highly likely that we’ve missed a couple of bags along the way; if you know of something that should join this group, please let us know in the comments.