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Tips To Buy Replica Hermes Birkin In Paris

I was told in Paris, stocks are replenish more often compared to other places in Europe so it is one of the best place to get one if you are visiting.So if you are heading to to Paris and is desperate to buy a designer replica Hermes Birkin bag, following are tips provided some of our friends.


1.Try not to go during July/August, you may not stand a high chance because the shipments are low as most craftsman are on vacation and things are slow during summer vacation. Also avoid Christmas season. Avoid Saturday and Monday as there would usually be nothing left. Try mid-week if possible.


2.Be specific, state what you are looking for. If you are looking for a “hermes birkin 30 togo”, say that. Do not ask do you have any Hermes Birkin available

Dress well, don’t dress like you are going to the market. Impression counts for anyone carrying an Hermes Birkin.

3.Be Patience, you may not succeed on the 1st attempt, try the next store if you fail and Hermes Faubourg Saint-Honore is not the only outlet, remember there are three Hermes Outlets in Paris.

4.Be courteous, a little french does help if you can speak but if you can’t don’t push it as all SA can speak English well.
Hermes Faubourg Saint-Honore or FSH is always packed with chinese or Japanese tourist, go when it is less crowded, you may have a better chance else try other Hermes outlets in Paris.

5.Senior matured looking business man has a higher chance especially if they are looking a Hermes Birkin bag outlet for their wife. That work a few of them, as they told their boyfriend or dad to go alone instead of with them. Go in Armani suit and look like a Wall street banker. I personally know a SA in Hermes that has a few regular VIP clients that are men.