Top 10 The $38,400 Hermes Kelly Rose Gold Bracelet Guide Trusted Dealers

The world of fashion is often synonymous with the world of the absurd. Don’t think I don’t realize that, I certainly do, but this world is a where art meets dreams. Hermes constantly wows us with their gorgeous designs and many times we all turn to Hermes to be shocked with sticker prices. You would think the shock wears off over time, and it does, but never completely.

Popular blogger Bagaholicboy who hails from Singapore had this to say: “Truth be told, I’m honestly still puzzled why the Birkin remains so enviable. Yes, it still seems to be the most coveted bag in Singapore and around the area, and each month that I get 10 new snapshots of Birkins in their proud owners in South East Asia.” It represents success, achievement and standing. It shows that the wearer is a card-carrying member of this10,000 handbag club. “It is still the ultimate status symbol, for first-timers who save for months on end to purchase their first quite Birkin to those seasoned collectors that must have every new colour or size in their wardrobe. Because the Birkin is much more than just a bag, it is a lifestyle”

I adore stacking Hermes bracelets on both of my wrists for my version of a wrist party. I was perusing the brand’s website, casually looking to add some new arm candy to my repertoire, when I ran into the Hermes Kelly MM Rose Gold Bracelet.

The price is a staggering $38,400 because it is pure rose gold, but I still have a problem with the price. I am not a jeweler nor do I pretend to be one, but even for solid rose gold, the price seems mighty hefty. The bracelet is 7.5″ long and .5″ wide.

I suppose there are Hermes enthusiasts with extraordinary bank accounts, and this will make it to the top of their list. And if it does, I applaud you. This bracelet is a classic design in rose gold and that will withstand the test of time. $38,400 via Hermes.