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Last week we welcomed the official start of summer, and nothing says summer quite like spending the day at the beach. I grew up by the beach, so I’m a true beach baby, and because of that I’ve learned how to properly pack my beach bag with everything and anything I may need. When you are going to the beach just to enjoy the surf and sand, there is no need to go overboard – pick a bag that can stand to be thrown around and toss all your essentials inside. However, when you are going to the beach and want to make more of a fashion statement, there is an art to that as well.

Last time I was down in Florida, I had a fun weekend planned with my girlfriends. Since they always expect the best beach bag from me, I decided to bring out a special piece. A few months ago, I scooped up a rare Hermes Kelly that was part of a 1997 Voyage collection. There is no use for a plastic Tas Hermes Kelly 7010 Replica Kelly other than for the beach, so of course I snapped it up. And yes, I understand that it is both cool and crazy.

Whats in my Hermes Kelly Beach Bag-15

Since this bag fits the see-through trend, if you opt for a clear bag, jazz it up by adding interesting items inside. I started with a gold Gerard Darel clutch, along with a bright green Proenza Schouler wallet and an orange Hermes pouch for easy-to-access credit cards, cash and coins. This has all of my hidden necessities (like my bulky inhaler) covered, not to mention it looks really beautiful inside of the bag.

As for what I always carry to the beach with me on both easy beach days and dressed up beach days alike: sunscreen, lip balm, a snack, a book, sunglasses, my phone (which I also use for music) and gum.

Is there anything you always carry that I left out? Happy summer!

Inside my beach bag: Gerard Darel Clutch, Hermes wallet, Proenza Schouler PS1 Small Zip Case ($345 via Proenza Schouler), Oscar de la Renta Sunscreen ($42 via Oscar de la Renta), Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment ($25 via Sephora), Tom Ford Sabrina Sunglasses ($390 via Neiman Marcus), Hermes Twilly ($140 via Hermes).

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It was in 2003, soon after my 1st child was born, I purchased my first ever Hermes bag– it had been an Hermes orange Kelly in 35cm, using palladium hardware.When I carried the bag around with my baby, among the younger “ladies who lunch” whom I seen in her family’s retail shop asked me what bag I had been toting. She commented that it looked like a “briefcase” and it was something she would never be caught dead carrying since it was in her words “ugly.” LOL. I don’t recall the bag she was carryingout, but I remembered her not understanding what an Hermes Kelly or Birkin was. I respected her opinion of my tote. LOL. But hey I had been so proud of that bag because it was something I had bought for myself with my own hard- earned money– my own push present LOL. I purchased the bag thinking it was likely to be the costliest bag I’d ever purchase, and that it was my final. I’d purchased the Hermes bag even before I ended up purchasing the Louis Vuitton Neo Denim Speedy.This was incidentally the bag which jumpstarted this tote site as “The Bag Hag Diaries.” Back then, I was blogging under another website at Blogspot. Ok let us not become nostalgic because when I went to look at some of my older posts to pull the pictures of the bags above, I cringed hahahaha!!
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