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Top Quality Tell the story of this Vintage Hermes Ostrich Mini Kelly Wholesale Suppliers

We spent a day at RueLaLa last week to have a sneak peek of their upcoming and highly anticipated Hermes Kelly 1960 Replica event. We were able to see all of the Hermes bags and accessories to share with you all before the sale on Tuesday.

One of the bags that caught my attention is this vintage Hermes 20cm Mini Kelly in grey ostrich. It was evident this bag had a story to tell. Without an exact marking, the bag is dated back to the 1960’s. It is said to be very rare and designed for a child to wear while her mother carried a larger Hermes Kelly (it will be part of the Tuesday sale).

The Kelly bag has just as glamorous a narrative behind it. Originally made as a saddle-bag in about 1892, it’s named after the movie star Grace Kelly, wife of Prince Rainier of Monaco, because she fell in love with one used as a prop during filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief.She put the huge bag to good use in 1956, when, not ready to announce her pregnancy, she kept up one to conceal her emerging baby bulge from the paparazzi. With that, the bag was immediately synonymous with Grace and it was re-named that the Kelly.The Hermes website boasts: ‘A Kelly is a rare and precious thing’ and a week, a spokesman for the firm stressed that the amount of bags it can create is limited because only a small number of craftsmen have the essential skills to make them.They pointed out one worker takes 18 to 25 hours to make each Kelly bag by hand, while the Birkin takes even longer, stating: ‘Our production remains highly dependent on the know-how of our artisans.’

We always say that handbags tell stories, but it is clear this one truly does. So take part in our Friday night story telling and tell the tale of the little girl that carried this mini Kelly. What did she look like, where was she from, what was her mom like? Paint the picture (and drool over the bag itself).

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