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Trusted Hermes Kelly Pochette at NYFW Genuine Leather Replica

Tommy Ton, from Jack & Jill blog, hit the streets around New York Fashion Week to photo journal what was happening outside of the tents. One of my favorite photos is the closeup shot of a woman carrying her black Crocodile Hermes Kelly 50cm Replica Kelly Pochette. The closeup accessory photo exudes elegance. More photos from Tommy Ton hitting the streets of NYC at here.

It had been in 2003, shortly after my 1st child was born, that I purchased my first ever Hermes bag– it had been an Hermes orange Kelly in 35cm, with palladium hardware.When I carried the bag around with my baby, among the younger “ladies who lunch” whom I visited in her family’s retail store asked me exactly what bag I had been toting. She remarked that it looked just like a “briefcase” and it was something she would never be caught dead carrying because it was in her words, “ugly.” LOL. I really don’t recall the bag she was carryingout, but I distinctly remembered her not knowing what an Hermes Kelly or Birkin was. I admired her view of my bag. After all, it was my “ugly” bag. LOL. But hey I had been happy of this bag since it was something I had bought for myself with my own hard- earned money– my drive gift LOL. I purchased the bag thinking it was likely to be the costliest bag I would ever purchase, and that it was also my final. I’d purchased the Hermes bag even before I ended up buying the Louis Vuitton Neo Denim Speedy.This was incidentally the bag that jumpstarted this tote site as “The Bag Hag Diaries.” Back then I was still blogging under a different site at Blogspot. Ok let’s not get nostalgic because when I went to look at some of my old posts to pull the pictures of the bags over, I cringed hahahaha!!