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For the Hermes collector, the Lindy is a ‘must have’. For the Birkin alternative seekers, the Lindy is a beautiful choice. And for a newbie, the Lindy is a lovely functional bag, a great start to the world of Hermes.

The Hermes Lindy is actually a carry-it-by-hand bag that can be turned into a shoulder anytime, anyplace. And just like our previous post about the Bolide Bag, the Lindy has the same typical Hermes look – it’s streamlined, easy but focused on the leather and that’s where the luxury can be found.

Single colors make it a classic and timeless, the Lindy is your companion from Spring to Summer and from Fall to Winter. It got more than enough space for your daily essentials. One everyday bag is sufficient and because the Lindy is made from detailed and impeccable leather, you already got the best of the best.

This bag is usually made from Clemence, a very hard leather that can make the color shine beautifully. It’s a slouchy bag, but if you desire for less bulky, then take a size smaller like the 30 cm. Actually the Lindy 30 is the most preferable choice for most fashionista, also because it’s lighter in weight.

For this new Collection, Hermes stocked their Lindy’s with colors like Orange, Brown, Gold and the Classic Black. Measuring 13.5’ x 8’ x 7’. Available at Hermes e-store for $7,750 USD.



So some of you might remember that I purchased a secondhand Hermes Lindy France Replica Lindy 30 from Fashionphile a few months ago or you may have noticed it in almost all of my pictures as then. Well finally here’s the review of this bag after heavy use for about 3 months. Contrary to what you may think, it is not because it is from Hermes and it is the most expensive bag in my group (nicely retail, not what I paid for). I truly love this bag because it is not only super useful but well made! You would expect so from tote that costs so much, but if my trip through luxury-bag-land has taught me any courses, it is that that’s sometimes not the case. When I reviewed Loewe’s hammock tote I’d said I really love Hermes’ Lindy bags, and when I eventually got my hands on the Lindy I actually had expected both luggage to feel the exact same. However, the Lindy is over and outside a much more useful and well-made bag. Let me count the ways I really like this tote:1) The 30 size is ideal to fit everything I need to take everyday. It could fit more if I wanted to, and then the bag would look considerably more duffle-y and less slouchy.2) Both grips are my favorite approach to take the tote and the wrapped handles are comfortable when carrying the bag in the crook of my arm. The Loewe bag additionally employs the exact same system but I sometimes find the long strap too long and gets in the way. Additionally the Loewe hammock tote doesn’t have rolled handles and the handles are too short to take the bag in the crook of my arm.3) There are 4 very functional pockets, two inside the bag and two out. Both outside ones would be the ideal size for my iPhone 7+ and it’s deep enough so my telephone does not fall out ever. And now I probably spend 30 minutes (cumulatively) less regular searching for my mobile phone.